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Freedom at Your Own Pace!

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Hello, I'm Cookie Rosenblum, your Master Weight Loss Coach!

My goal and my passion are to help as many women as possible solve their eating issues and have complete freedom.

Throughout the years of running the Freedom Group, there is one question I still get frequently:

"How can I get your program without being part of a group?"

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Finally, I have your answer!

By popular demand, I have developed A NEW WAY you can learn the amazing concepts I teach in the Freedom Group.

This new option allows you to work on the material at your own pace, at your convenience, and without the group membership.

Take a look below to see if FREEDOM AT YOUR OWN PACE is perfect for you.

Freedom at Your Own Pace is now available!

Is “FREEDOM AT YOUR OWN PACE” the right program for YOU?

Freedom at Your Own Pace is for you if...

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  • You are a dive-right-in, I-want-it-all Do It Yourself woman: You want access to all the Freedom Group teaching materials, and you want it now.
  • You don't want to join a group or a monthly membership plan: But you DO want to learn everything I teach in my Eat-Think-Love program.
  • You don't want to follow a specific lesson plan: You want to dive into whichever lessons you choose, when you want to. 
  • You want to learn on your timeline: You want to access the teaching when it’s most convenient for you.
  • You are an independent learner: You know you need to "do the work" to end the struggle with your emotional eating, habitual overeating, and lose the excess weight - permanently - and you are committed to doing that on your own.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Freedom at Your Own Pace:

  • NO GROUP INTERACTION: If you are not drawn to a group experience, and you like to work at your own speed, this is the perfect option for you.
  • IMMEDIATE ALL-ACCESS PASS: You can dive into any of the 36 lessons – at any time.
  • SET YOUR OWN AGENDA: You won’t have to wait to complete previous lessons before you can access the lesson you want to use right now.
  • SET YOUR OWN PACE: Work on what you need most, when you need it.
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Who is Freedom at Your Own Pace ideal for?

FREEDOM AT YOUR OWN PACE is ideal for women who want to do the Freedom Group lessons on their own, at their own pace, totally independently. No live calls to attend and 24/7 access to online teaching materials you can use anytime that suits your schedule.

Freedom at Your Own Pace:


ONLY $997

What's Included?

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS: Immediate Access to all 36 Lessons of Cookie’s Eat, Think, Love program
  • 36 COMPLETE LESSONS: You get ALL 36 Lessons of Cookie’s Eat, Think, Love program
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  • MULTI-MEDIA TEACHING: Each lesson is presented in a multi-media format - you have access to video, audio, and PDF workbooks for all 36 lessons
  • BONUS: You’ll receive access to 3 “Start Here” Lessons to help you get going quickly with the foundation of the program
  • BONUS: You’ll receive access to eight short “911” Lessons for those situations when you need immediate help to get back on track or get motivated to keep going

Here is just a sample of the 36 lessons you will receive immediate access to:

EAT Lessons THINK Lessons LOVE Lessons
“What to eat?”
Learn how to be your own eating guru, and figure out what foods work for you and what foods don’t.
“Handling stress without eating”
Get a great understanding of what stress is and find a way to deal with it without food.
“Loving self-discipline”
Learn how to get yourself to do things that are in your best interest without feeling deprived or restricted.
“When to start and stop eating”
Learn the basics of hunger and fullness and the difference between mental and physical hunger.
“Getting and staying motivated”
How to create your own motivation that keeps you going when life gets challenging.
“Self-care toolkit”
Create a personalized self-care plan that is ready for you when you need it. You need more than a bubble bath and a nice candle.
“Recovering from an eating slip”
You will learn what a slip is, how to think about it differently and how to get back up so you can keep moving forward.
“Habitual moods”
Where do your moods come from and how are they connected to your eating habits?
“Unshakeable self-confidence”
Wouldn't it be wonderful to move from self-doubt and insecurity to being your own best champion? You can absolutely do this!

Freedom at Your Own Pace:


ONLY $997

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there. I’m Cookie Rosenblum. I’m a Master Certified Weight Loss Coach, through The Life Coach School, and a Certified Life Coach through Dr. Martha Beck, who's famously known as Oprah’s Life Coach. I also have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

My specialty is permanent weight loss. I've created really successful programs to resolve emotional eating. I work with smart women who want to figure things out so they can get off the diet merry-go-round and have all that extra energy to simply live their life and do great things.

I love working with women in groups, and of course, I’ve used all my tools, strategies and perspectives to solve my own weight issues. I know what works!


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