Freedom Group

“I went to my daughter’s birthday party this evening, which always has tables and counters full of food and drink. This was the first time EVER that I had nothing to eat or drink, and this was because I was not hungry. This is huge for me. The realization that I really can do this–handle any situation that comes my way is getting stronger each day. Thank you Cookie!”


“Working with Cookie in two words — LIFE CHANGING!!”


“I treat myself to a movie every now and then and I always buy something to eat there (indulge, really). Today, I automatically walked to buy something and I could not find anything I wanted, that’s when I realized I wasn’t hungry and I did not need the food in any way. I watched my movie and enjoyed it without eating any junk. I am so grateful for this work, to have company and guidance through this process.”


“I feel so lucky to have found Cookie’s podcast and this group because I knew this is what I needed. I used to feel alone with this food body obsession but with you all I can share without being afraid so much of being judged.”


“I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people who are determined to learn and encourage each other to develop ways to thrive in our lives! Thank you Cookie & fellow members! I am committed to not spend the rest of my life struggling in this area. I know I can regain control and I look forward to listening to the wisdom & insight that others have acquired through their journeys and learning how to use the tools & techniques that Cookie is sharing with us to transform myself from the inside out. Thank you fellow members for being here and thank you Cookie Rosenblum for sharing your invaluable knowledge and insight!”


“I’ve been working with Cookie for the past four months and my life has changed amazingly and immeasurably! I love myself enough to give myself the gift of coaching with Cookie!”


“Cookie and all of you in the Freedom Group, thank you for being such a great inspiration!”


“We are so lucky to have Cookie and each other!”


“I found Cookie Rosenblum, her podcasts and this group. I am starting this day expressing my gratitude. My journey to more fully understand my use of food to soothe myself when difficult emotions surface continues. I have found so many resources in listening to the podcasts and with our group.”


“The podcasts and calls, as well as this group, are definitely resulting in me thinking more expansively about my eating habits.”


“Feeling inspired by today's call with Cookie Rosenblum! I really feel like I had a pretty significant breakthrough.”


“As someone who is working with Cookie privately, I just want to say DO IT! You'll get so much from her, it's worth double. She tailors her work to YOUR specific needs. You won't regret it.”


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