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October 2, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 10 Making Eating Decisions Easier

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    • Lesson 10: Making eating decisions easier
    • Win: I no longer have a big struggle with late afternoon eating!
    • The goal of this lesson is to learn how to trust yourself more and stress less by making a few eating decisions ahead of time.
    • Making decisions all day long creates decision fatigue.
    • Common obstacles to making eating decisions easier are telling yourself you’re deprived, feeling unmotivated in the moment, and ‘forgetting’ you are on a program.
    • Plan for obstacles and decide on exceptions ahead of time.
    • It’s challenging to find natural eaters; we might have to look at children and pets!
    • I’m doing well but have a girls’ weekend away coming up, and I’m nervous about how to deal with the food and the alcohol.
    • I understand eating -2/+2, but I still feel compelled to count calories, and my weight isn’t changing.
    • I need to work on not eating at night when I’m not hungry.
    • We clutch onto our old thoughts and beliefs for dear life; we need to loosen the grip before we can create new beliefs.
    • Thought for the day: What if __________ didn’t have to be so hard?
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