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October 10, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 11 Pause, Assess and Move On

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    • Goal: The goal of Lesson 11 is to see what you’ve learned, where you are without drama, to see what you still want to accomplish, and to bridge the gap.
    • It’s important to not only see what actions you need to change to reach your goals, but to see what beliefs you need to change, and how your identity might need to shift.
    • I still find myself overeating (but not bingeing.) How can I insert a pause before I eat?
    • When I wake up, I usually ruminate about things that are left over from the previous day.
    • How to use the urge jar for all different kinds of urges.
    • I’m dealing with a work issue. How do I effect change if I don’t get upset?
    • I am slipping into old patterns. How can I see it happening before I give in to it?
    • I’m starting to look at the identity I’ve created for myself and whether it needs some adjustment. I see myself as able to do about 75% of what it takes to reach my goals.
    • The importance of doing thought work regularly.
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