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November 26, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 15 When Life Falls Apart – Plan B Habits

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    • The goal of this lesson, Lesson 15, Creating Plan B Habits, is to have a mental template that lets you know the basics of what to do when life is going different than plan.
    • Remember to ‘box it in’ for the upcoming US holiday. Plan ahead and if you want to have treats or special foods, plan ahead to keep it confined to that one meal.
    • After being triggered often lately, I decided to start tracking all the tiny food thoughts that could easily turn into urges and started a creative way to see all the thoughts I did not follow.
    • I am feeling my feelings much more and can see the thoughts I have that create them. But the same thoughts come up over and over, even though I am creating a replacement thought. What am I doing wrong?
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