Freedom Group

November 25, 2019 Levels 3 & 4 – Lessons 24 & 33

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    • The goal of Lesson 24 (Plan for trigger foods, moods and events) is to understand what a trigger is, and where the space is that allows us to pause and not react. Mostly we learn to not react with overeating and not react in an emotional way to a thought.
    • The goal of Lesson 33 (Handling life altering events with confidence) is to know that life will always have ups and downs and that we pass through a cycle of emotions, and actions on our way to peace. This cycle is predictable.
    • For the upcoming holiday in the US, plan to box it in, plan for a treat if you wish and consciously decide when it will begin and end.
    • If despite your plan you slip, remember to contain it.
    • So many of us are in the helping arena; how do we take care of others and ourselves without diving into the pool with them and suffering with them?
    • If we are in a helping field, or even in this group in an advanced level, how can we get past our own self-judgment that we should know better?
    • I am under stress at work and it suddenly seems like I am being triggered all the time.
    • How do we have boundaries with others, while still being empathic and caring?
    • How do I express anger without being mean?
    • What is a complaint diet?
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