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November 21, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 14 LOVE. Creating a Self-Care Toolkit

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    • The goal of this lesson is to create a self-care toolkit, so you always have ways to care for yourself ready and set to go.
    • It’s important to care for yourself BEFORE you are depleted.
    • It’s common to go from extreme self-care to total self-indulgence. There is a lot in between those two extremes.
    • Your self-care might be lighter during the workweek and heavier during the weekends. But you should still have bare minimum daily acts of love for yourself.
    • I have no real routine and would benefit from some regular self-care. I need to examine my thoughts about routines vs. freedom.
    • When I miss my regular morning routine, my lower brain tells me I should just blow off the rest of the good things I do. Why does this happen?
    • I’m more than halfway to my goal and I am feeling a bit lost. I’m not sure what to think or do with myself as I move forward.
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