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November 19, 2019 Level 1 – Lesson 5 Think-Eat Connection

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    • The goal of this lesson, The Think-Eat Connection, is to help you see the connection between what you think and your habit of eating when you aren’t hungry.
    • I’m facing a 10-day vacation and don’t want to do my usual overeating this time.
    • When I go to pot-luck dinners, I have trouble saying no to food even though I’m not hungry, because I fear hurting someone’s feelings.
    • I am starting to take tiny steps by asking if I am hungry before I eat. I am often not hungry and eat anyway. What is the next step I can take?
    • How do I not overeat when eating with my children?
    • I’ve been doing well until a weekend with my parents.
    • I don’t feel like I deserve self-care because I have thoughts that I’m not worth it.
    • Sometimes I react to my emotions quickly, without thinking.
    • How do I deal with stressful things in my life right now and still be following this program?
    • How can I find a balance between fun activities and doing this work?
    • What are some concrete steps I can take to eat only when I am hungry?
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