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March 5, 2020 Levels 3 & 4 – Lessons 25 & 34

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    • The goal of Lesson 25, Rewrite Your Scripts, is to help you see how your internal scripts created your present reality, and how to rewrite those mental scripts so you can create the future you want.
    • The goal of Lesson 34, YOU 2.0, is to help you step back from dealing with your weight and take a bigger-picture look at your whole life and decide who you want to be.
    • I’m in the process of identifying my thoughts and creating a better-feeling belief.
    • I’m thinking about how to find my purpose in life; I know it’s a big question. Where do I start?
    • I’m very close to my target weight. Why is it so hard for me to get there?
    • I’m afraid to get too confident in myself because I’m not there yet.
    • How do I know what markers to use to see the progress I’m making in different areas?
    • Please explain the different parts of setting an intention.
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