Freedom Group

March 25, 2020 Advanced Learners

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    • The goal of this advanced lesson is to help you see the connection between your thoughts and all that you have created in your life, so far.
    • It will also help you see what has to happen to create just about any Result you want.
    • I have a habit of going from 0 to 60 in reaction to what my husband says sometimes. How to I remain more peaceful no matter what he says?
    • I’m cycling back and forth between feeling calm and out of control.
    • It feels like it is exhausting to manage my mind.
    • How do I accept the reality of what is happening right now?
    • I have so many areas of my life where I want different results. What do I focus on first?
    • I’m really beginning to see the connection between my actions and my results.
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