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March 19, 2020 Level 2 – Lesson 18 Creating Your Personal EAT Protocol

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    • The goal of this lesson is to help you pre-think and use your higher brain to decide how you will eat (a general idea) in different situations.
    • I am angry about my work situation and I’m eating because of it. How can I get back on track?
    • I am working from home and feel overwhelmed with all the demands on me. How can I deal with everything without overeating at night?
    • I’m trying to ignore years of diet advice about what foods to eat.
    • Up to this point, I have not planned my eating ahead of time. Now I finally see the benefit!
    • I’m enjoying wine but am able to have it in small amounts! Win!
    • I’m a news junkie. I need to control my intake.
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