Freedom Group

March 19, 2020 Levels 3 & 4 – Lessons 27 & 36

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    • Lesson 27 – How to Troubleshoot, tell us how to solve a problem by looking at all the parts of what is happening, and making corrections, and testing new theories.
    • Lesson 36 – How to Solve Any Problem, tell us how to spot a problem before it gets too big, know when to jump in and make changes, and how to solve whatever it is.
    • I am stressed out with family issues and worries about many things.
    • I am struggling in the evenings.
    • I’ve had a few setbacks. Where do I begin to start over again?
    • I’m out of my routine! How do I find my rhythm?
    • What’s the difference between sympathy and empathy? I am struggling to deal with my kids who are upset that they can’t see their friends.
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