Freedom Group

March 12, 2020 All Levels Pre-Recorded Q&A

To download this recording, click the small black arrow on the top-right of the player, under the word “Soundcloud.”

    • Do you believe in planning what you will eat 24 hours in advance? Why?
    • What do I do about a loving saboteur?
    • How do I not worry about my husband’s eating plan? I usually tend to eat what he eats.
    • I’m maintaining my weight but would love to lose those last 8-10 lbs.
    • I’m really struggling with hating how I look at my current weight.
    • I’m much more aware of my emotions that drive me to eat and am also more aware of my body’s signals. How do I comfort myself from these emotions in the moment?
    • I have some guilt over doing what I really want to do vs. what I should be doing.
    • I also have guilt about not working as hard as my husband and worry about being too self-indulgent.
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