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January 23, 2020 Level 2 – Lesson 12 How to Use Loving Self-Discipline for Weight Loss

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    • The goal of this lesson is to create a new definition of self-discipline, that is loving and helps you do what is in your best interest.
    • We talked a lot about the importance of failure in achieving success. If you are not failing often, you aren’t doing enough.
    • I am feeling hopeless. I can’t seem to get any traction.
    • I’ve had some work issues that lead me to overeat. I am doing it less than I used to but want to understand how I can not use food at all when I’m upset.
    • I am trying to find motivation to change how I eat, and I don’t see myself as a very motivated person in general.
    • When I’m tired or overwhelmed, I tend to believe and follow my lower brain’s suggestions.
    • How do I create some disciplined habits? How can I go further than just thinking: Don’t do it!
    • I graze a lot and know my pattern but can’t seem to break out of it.
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