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January 21, 2020 Level 1 – Lesson 2 Eat

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    • The goal of this lesson is to build the foundation to become a natural eater.
    • Are there any tools to get rid of constant thoughts of food?
    • I have trouble feeling my physical hunger signals after gastric bypass.
    • I’d like my family to eat together. How can I manage my own and everyone else’s hunger?
    • How do we tune out the negative chatter of the Lower Brain?
    • How can I fit occasional treats into my eating without using up valuable space for helpful foods?
    • I need help with nighttime eating. Bonus call on this from 7/19 and Podcast 137.
    • How do I soothe myself when I have overwhelming thoughts?
    • Sometimes on the forum, I find my feelings are being hurt and I want to eat.
    • I’m discouraged! I’ve listened to podcasts for a long time, and yet I’m not taking action.
    • How can I deal with my impulsiveness, buying and eating food?
    • If you have trouble taking action, check out the Bonus Call from 2/19 on Passive Learning vs. Active Learning.
    • To catch yourself in the moment, look at the 5 D’s worksheet on the Resources page.
    • I have trouble getting myself to plan my food; sometimes I plan it and then aren’t in the mood for it when the times comes.
    • Random, habitual snacking is my downfall.
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