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January 14, 2020 Level 1 – Lesson 1 Fresh Start

To download this recording, click the small black arrow on the top-right of the player, under the word “Soundcloud.”

    • Do the self-assessment in the Lesson One Workbook and one of the two vision exercises, End Game OR the Miracle Question.
    • How do I manage my hunger with my schedule when I’m not always hungry at mealtimes?
    • How long will this process take?
    • The difference between learning and taking action.
    • Does the content and amount to eat differ depending on how much weight you want to lose?
    • How do I incorporate sweets into my eating plan?
    • What do I do with my emotions when I want to eat and know I’m not hungry?
    • How do I handle tiredness without eating?
    • Does your stomach actually shrink when you eat less?
I have watched/listened to the Lesson 1 Coaching Call replay
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