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February 6, 2020 Level 2 – Lesson 13 Habitual Moods

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    • The goal of Lesson 13, Habitual Moods, is to get clarity on how the moods you experience most often create all the results in your life.
    • When I feel _______, it’s because I am thinking _______ and then I usually do _______.
    • Why do I suddenly have a fast mood switch from positive to negative?
    • After a good day, I came home and had stress. I overate and it helped me not overeat later on.
    • How do you talk yourself into a better mood as you head into overeating?
    • I am frequently overwhelmed and impatient. How can I pull myself out of this?
    • How do I manage my thoughts about the political situation and feel better?
    • My self-talk and moods have been a lifelong issue. This feels so big to me!
    • People close to me perceive me as happy, yet internally I feel turmoil sometimes.
    • Challenging my thoughts sometimes makes me feel invalidated.
    • I was excited to start this work and now I find I’ve fallen behind.
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