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February 4, 2020 Level 1 – Lesson 4 Love

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    • The goal of Lesson 4, Love, is to understand why you need self-care and to be able to give it to yourself without guilt.
    • My progress is sporadic. How can I stay on a narrower path?
    • Do you recommend Intermittent Fasting?
    • If someone is an emotional eater due to childhood trauma, is the road to freedom longer? Or even possible?
    • I feel trapped in my job and I find the resentment I feel very hard to cope with.
    • Should I weigh myself? How often? Why or why not?
    • When I plan to have a treat food, I usually overeat. How can I learn to have a little and stop?
    • When I choose to not have a certain food, it feels like I am being restrictive and that leads to overeating.
    • I find that I am super-sensitive to the noises from my coworker! How can I think about this differently?
    • My partner and I have different needs. How can I allow him to be himself and not create my own anxiety when he isn’t responding?
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