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February 18, 2020 Level 1 – Lesson 6 Recover from a Slip

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    • The goal of Lesson 6 (Recovering From A Slip) is to help you understand what a slip means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to get right back up without compounding any damage.
    • I’ve had some big life events recently and got very off track.
    • I have overeaten mainly from the feeling of overwhelm. How do I learn from my slips?
    • I bought some treat food to test how I would handle it and I didn’t do well.
    • I went to an all-inclusive resort on vacation and I couldn’t stay connected to my program.
    • How do I stay connected to myself when I’m eating with others?
    • Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between hunger and anxiety.
    • Why do I discount my good eating days and focus on my off-plan days?
    • If I have trouble feeling hunger after weight loss surgery, is it okay to time my meals and then check my hunger.
    • Why has my weight stayed the same for years and then suddenly changed?
    • How long is too long to be having slips?
    • Am I feeding myself in the amount I’d need for the body I want to have?
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