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February 13, 2020 Level 2 – Lesson 14 LOVE. Creating a Self-Care Toolkit

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    • The Goal of this lesson (LOVE: Creating a Self-Care Toolkit) is to explore all the different ways you can care for yourself, no matter your schedule.
    • Self-care is not self-indulgence.
    • Take care of yourself before you are depleted.
    • Sometimes saying no to yourself is self-care.
    • When we feel an uncomfortable emotion, should we soothe our self or explore the feeling and what caused it?
    • Before you try to change what you do or your schedule, make sure that you have a belief that helps you do it.
    • Sometimes we need to accept our negative feelings as just part of being human.
    • What’s the difference between doing a thought model and a thought download?
    • Why do I self-soothe with food while I work?
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