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February 13, 2020 Levels 3 & 4 – Lessons 23 & 32

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    • Lesson 23: Perspective and Focus for Weight Loss: This lesson helps you see the choices you have of where you put your attention, and how you view everything in your life.
    • Lesson 32: Conquering Anxiety, Fear and Worry: Understand these emotions and where they come from so you can deal with them without using food.
    • Win: I realize I am so much less anxious and worried lately!
    • I had a panic attack and I knew it was coming from my thoughts and I was able to talk myself through it!
    • I am suddenly having social anxiety and wonder if this is related to some recent slips.
    • I over-worry about how others perceive me all the time.
    • I have fear over a chronic physical symptom.
    • I’d like to focus more consistently on positive thoughts vs. my automatic thoughts.
    • I can weigh myself without fear or anxiety but tend to overeat if I’m maintaining or losing weight.
    • I really want to work toward losing the whole problem… how can I make my work here feel more cohesive?
    • People are noticing my weight loss more and I’m feeling more vulnerable.
    • I have some challenges lately and I feel my feelings, but then I still eat comfort food.
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