>ETL Level 4 Online Product – Weight Loss Made Real


Self-Paced Lessons 28-36 from the Freedom Group Program

Do you want to end your struggle with overeating?
Are you a do-it-yourself-er who can be self-motivated?

We can help.
Here are all the Level 4 Lessons straight from the Freedom Group for those who want a self-paced program.

Will you be able to learn to be a natural eater and stop your daily struggle, doing this on your own? Absolutely!

The Freedom Group taught my program called Eat. Think. Love. It’s divided into four levels, each one building upon what you learned in the level before. This is your next step.

Here is Level Four of the Freedom Group:

      • We call it the Transformation Level because you won’t recognize yourself and your habits from way back in Level One.
      • It’s 9 self-paced lessons directly from our Freedom Group program.
      • Each lesson is available to you immediately once you make this purchase.
      • The lessons are both in video form AND audio form, and all the audios are downloadable for you to save.
      • The videos all have captions so if you’re listening while others are around, you can turn down the volume and be private.
      • Each of these 9 eye-opening lessons is accompanied by its own workbook. Doing even one exercise from the workbook will help imprint what you’re learning.
      • The workbooks are fillable PDFs so you can type notes directly into them OR you can print them and write by hand.
      • In addition to the audios, videos and workbooks, we’ve also added links to several podcasts for most lessons that we’re curated just for you. These will add to what you’re learning, and you won’t have to go searching if you want more information info on that topic.

Here are some of the big things you’ll learn by watching or listening to the lessons:

    • Lesson 28 – How to have unshakable self-confidence. If you’ve struggled with your weight for a while, it can eat away at your self-confidence. Time to get that back!
    • Lesson 29 – Healthy relationships. How does your weight affect your relationships? How can you upgrade them no matter where your weight is right now?
    • Lesson 30 – How to become an action taker. It’s time to stop planning and talking and making excuses. Time to take action to get what you want.
    • Lesson 31 – Finessing Eat. Think. Love. for your best life right now. Let’s put all the parts together.
    • Lesson 32 – Understanding and dealing with anxiety, fear and worry. No more being held hostage by these three common negative feelings.
    • Lesson 33 – Dealing with life-altering events. It’s inevitable that we all will face some pretty major situations. Here’s how to handle what comes your way without running to food.
    • Lesson 34 – YOU 2.0. What’s the ultimate version of you? Be brave and take ALL the things about what makes you, well, you…and take them up a notch.
    • Lesson 35 – The pursuit of happiness. Instead of running around trying all the things to be happy, how about if you learn on a deeper level, what actually does make you genuinely happy, how to achieve it and get comfortable with it.
    • Lesson 36 – How to solve any problem. Imagine how strong you’d feel if you knew that you could solve whatever came your way!

Know the basics and still need more? Good! You’re ready to go to The Advanced Learners Level of Eat. Think. Love.

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