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Self-Paced Lessons 10-18 from the Freedom Group Program

Are you ready to dive deeper into ending your eating struggles permanently?

We can help if you’re a woman who wants to ‘do the work’ on her own schedule. We are now offering the Level 2 Lessons of the Freedom Group as a self-paced program.

This will help deepen your understanding and ability to keep your eating promises to yourself on your own.

This package of lessons is from Level 2 of the Eat. Think. Love. Program in the Freedom Group. Here’s the next step up from what you’ve already learned in Level 1.

  • We call it the Deep Dive level because it builds on the basics you already have.
  • It’s 9 self-paced lessons directly from our Freedom Group program. (Lessons 10 – 18)
  • Each lesson is available to you immediately once you make this purchase.
  • The lessons are both in video form AND audio form, and all the audios are downloadable for you to save.
  • The videos all have captions so if you are listening while others are around, you can turn down the volume and be private.
  • Each of the 9 eye-opening lessons is accompanied by its own workbook. Doing even one exercise from the workbook will help imprint what you’re learning.
  • The workbooks are fillable PDFs so you can type notes directly into them OR you can print them and write by hand.
  • In addition to the audios, videos and workbooks, we’ve also added links to several podcasts that we’re curated for you. These will deepen. what you’re learning, and you won’t have to go searching if you want more information on that topic.

    Here are some of the big things you’ll learn by watching or listening to the lessons:

    • Lesson 10: EAT – Making Eating Decisions Easier: Making Eating Decisions Easier: Each day is different. It’s impossible to know what all your food options will be. We’ve created an easy way to make overarching food decisions. You’ll always know how to decide what to eat
    • Lesson 11: Pause, Assess and Move On: Yes, during these lessons I am your coach. But my goal is for you to be able to coach yourself. So, I’ll show you how to periodically pause your work and evaluate how things are going.
    • Lesson 12: Self-Discipline: This is one of my favorite lessons. If you cringe at the thought of being self-disciplined, this will change everything for you. There’s no need to worry about feeling deprived or being restricted. Loving self-discipline helps you get what you want by learning how to say yes or no in a way that feels good.
    • Lesson 13: Habitual Moods: Do you ever notice that you have some moods that come up often? These are your habitual moods. I will teach you all about those moods and how to manage them without eating.
    • Lesson 14: Self-Care Toolkit: : Are your ideas of self-care bubble baths, watching Netflix all day and eating a pile of cookies? Nope! Self-care is figuring out what you’re truly hungry for and finding ways to give it to yourself.
    • Lesson 15: Creating a Plan B: Life doesn’t always go according to your plan. When something unexpected comes up, you go to Plan B. You can be flexible without going off track.
    • Lesson 16: Moving Your Body: : Do you dread the terrible ‘E’ word? That’s exercise. We do not advocate moving your body to lose weight. Your movements can’t keep up with the speed of your eating. But we do suggest that you think of moving your body as a gift you give yourself.
    • Lesson 17: Perfectionism and Procrastination: Uh oh! Do you recognize either of these two syndromes in yourself? Both are very common in women who struggle with their eating. It’s time to lose both these painful habits so you can get what you really want.
    • Lesson 18: Creating Your Personal EAT Protocol: Here’s where we dive deep into the question of ‘what’ you should eat. Let’s figure out your eating plan, created with my guidance, by you, for you.

    I KNOW you are capable of learning all these things, no matter what you’ve done before. You’ll be able to take your time and review all the lessons at your convenience.

    Know the basics and still need more? Good! You’re ready to go to Level 3 of Eat. Think. Love.

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