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Self-Paced Lessons 1-9 from the Freedom Group Program

Do you want to end your struggle with overeating?
Are you a do-it-yourself-er who doesn’t want to be in a group?

We can help.
Here are all the Level 1 Lessons straight from the Freedom Group for those who want a self-paced program.

Will you be able to learn to be a natural eater and stop your daily struggle, doing this on your own? Absolutely!

The Freedom Group taught my program called Eat. Think. Love.
It’s divided into four levels, each one building upon what you learned in the level before. This is where you start

Here is Level One of the Freedom Group:

  • We call it the Quick Start level because it lets you hit the ground running.
  • It’s 9 self-paced lessons directly from our Freedom Group program.
  • Each lesson is available to you immediately once you make this purchase.
  • The lessons are both in video form AND audio form, and all the audios are downloadable for you to save.
  • The videos all have captions so if you are listening while others are around, you can turn down the volume and be private.
  • Each of the 9 eye-opening lessons is accompanied by its own workbook. Doing even one exercise from the workbook will help imprint what you’re learning.
  • The workbooks are fillable PDFs so you can type notes directly into them OR you can print them and write by hand.
  • In addition to the audios, videos and workbooks, we’ve also added links to several podcasts for most lessons that we’re curated just for you. These will add to what you’re learning, and you won’t have to go searching if you want more information on that topic.

      Here are some of the big things you’ll learn by watching or listening to the lessons:

      • Lesson 1: A Fresh Start. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to escape your past failures. If you believe you’ll never be successful because you never have been, this is for you.
      • Lesson 2: EAT Basics. Learn the simple parameters of when to start eating and when and how to stop when your body’s had enough.
      • Lesson 3: THINK Basics. Understand how your mind works. What does this have to do with eating? Did you ever grab something to eat when you were stressed? I rest my case.
      • Lesson 4: LOVE Basics. I know. This lesson will open your eyes to how self-love is so related to when, what and how much you eat.
      • Lesson 5: The THINK-EAT Connection. Here’s where you’ll finally get the connection between your thoughts, your feelings and food. You’ll learn to connect the dots between what you think and how you eat.
      • Lesson 6: Recovering From A Slip. Imagine going into this journey knowing that 1) you don’t have to be perfect to change and 2) you’re equipped with a way to recover from any slip and keep moving on. This skill alone can change your eating life.
      • Lesson 7: What To EAT. I will show you how to make food decisions about what to eat that are personalized for you. Priceless!
      • Lesson 8: Handling Stress Without Eating. How can you not overeat when things feel a little crazy? You’ll learn how to deal with the inevitable stress of being alive. Without going to food.
      • Lesson 9: Motivation! Here is a way to understand what motivates you to do new things without giving up, to create that motivation on your own, and have the ability to refresh it when it fades.

      Are you ready to become a natural eater, change your old, unhelpful eating habits and lose any extra weight? I’ve got your back. You will love Level 1 of Eat. Think. Love.

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