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My Signature Weight Loss Program

Wouldn’t you love to have access to exactly what my Freedom Group members receive as soon as they join The Freedom Group?

What we give them encourages immediate wins as they learn the basics of our Eat, Think, Love program right away.

What will you learn from this easy-to-use product?

  • You will learn how to become a natural eater. How to hear your body’s signals that tell you when to start eating and when to stop. This will help you know when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to say, ‘no thanks.’
  • You will learn where your moods come from. Why is this important? If you’ve ever grabbed a snack when you weren’t actually hungry, but were sad, anxious, worried, or even excited, this lesson is for you. Instead of heading to the kitchen or the drive-through to make yourself feel better, you’ll be able to see where those uncomfortable feelings came from, and how to deal with them without food. (Hint: no willpower required)
  • You will also learn the building blocks of taking great care of yourself. You will want to do this because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself using food to comfort yourself, calm yourself down, and possibly to be your BFF. And the results of continuing to do these things? Extra weight.

What you’ll get:

  1. Three short and sweet, easy to watch video lessons. Each one is also there for you to listen to if you are not in a private place to watch the video. The audios can be downloaded to your private library, wherever you save most of your recordings.
  2. Each lesson will come with its own worksheet to help you get the main points of the lesson very quickly. You’ll begin to adopt some new helpful habits that will get you closer to learning to be a natural eater. Then you will go practice what you’ve learned.
  3. In addition to these foundational lessons, we’ve also curated some specific podcasts that go with each lesson. You’ll be able to go deeper into what you are learning with the added benefit of being able to listen to Cookie coaching you and teaching you on those podcasts.

How will this help you?

This is for you if you want a taste of Cookie’s main program to see what it is and how it will work for you.

If you struggle with extra weight, and overeating habits, you must be tired of starting and stopping the latest diet of the month.

You are probably frustrated trying to eat less, or trying a special combination of foods, and then falling down just a few days later, with no real results to show for it.

This package of downloadable lessons will help you begin to make real changes. You will begin to learn exactly what will work to help you change how and when and how much you eat.

Once you understand what you’ve been doing wrong (through no fault of your own), you’ll learn a new way of eating, thinking and caring for yourself.

The end results? Instead of trying to live like an expert dieter, you’ll start learning how to live like a natural eater. Someone who doesn’t count, weigh or measure their foods. Someone who doesn’t let a disappointment, or a ‘bad day’ take them right into a pile of sweets or chips. And someone who takes such good care of herself (even if you are thinking: I have NO time!) that she doesn’t use brownies for comfort.

The Eat. Think. Love. Introductory lessons will give you answers to your questions about why nothing has worked for you so far.

If anyone can do this, you can too! And remember, it’s not just about weight loss. It’s about losing the whole problem.

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