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December 5, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 16 Moving Your Body

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    • This call was about Lesson 16: Moving Your Body.
    • The goal of this lesson is to notice your thoughts about moving your body, to overcome excuses and obstacles, and to add movement into your life as a form of self-love.
    • I planned my Thanksgiving meal and was able to stay awake, aware and connected to myself, and did very well.
    • I am used to ‘topping it off’ by eating just a bit more than I need.
    • I believe I want to move and should move my body and have the time and space to do so. Yet it’s not a regular habit.
    • I am at a plateau and worry about backsliding.
    • How to tread water/ weight and not lose the progress you have made so far.
    • If you decide to tread water for now, you still need to care for yourself, eat from physical hunger and manage your emotions without using food.
    • I’ve already lost a bunch of weight and getting to the next level seems harder.
    • I have ambivalence about staying where I am for a while and doing what it takes to get to that next level.
    • In order to feel differently, we have to create and then practice new beliefs.
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