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December 19, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 18 Creating Your Personal EAT Protocol

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    • The goal of Lesson 18 (Creating Your Own EAT Protocol) is to help you inch your way closer to becoming a natural eater… one who just ‘knows’ basically how they eat most of the time.
    • If you resist creating this framework, know that this is not a diet plan; it’s you deciding what works for you.
    • Also refer to Lesson 11 about making eating decisions easier.
    • I loved this lesson AND it brought up both fear and excitement for me!
    • I’ve had trouble with sweets during this holiday season.
    • I’m reflecting on my progress for this past year and I see a lot of shifts in my thinking and my eating.
    • I want to jump back into this work after going through a time of loss and grief.
    • I am not able to get myself to do these worksheets because it feels like food rules, which don’t feel like freedom to me.
    • I’ve done really well with almost daily movement since our last coaching call.
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