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December 12, 2019 Level 2 – Lesson 17 Perfectionism and Procrastination

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    • This Lesson 17 (Perfectionism and Procrastination) will help you see what holds you back from the life you wish for.
    • Win: I realized I was procrastinating with crocheting a little hat for my new baby niece. After a few tries, I decided to finish it imperfectly!
    • Perfectionism comes from telling yourself that anything less than perfect is unacceptable.
    • Procrastination comes from thinking that the reward you are getting now from not doing something is greater than the reward you’d get from doing it.
    • Is your problem starting or finishing?
    • I don’t procrastinate getting things done, but I am putting myself off until I get to X weight.
    • I was doing well for a while and now I am slipping back into old patterns.
    • Should I remove a food from the house that I struggle with?
    • I realize more and more that I’m a people pleaser, and when I feel burdened by my choices, I either eat, drink or cry. Help!
    • Do the Self-Assessment and see what has improved for you since the beginning of this journey.
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