Freedom Group

April 1, 2020 – Bonus Call

To download the recording, click the small black arrow on the top-right of the player, under the word “Soundcloud.”

    • When you argue with reality you always lose, 100% of the time.
    • If you think: I shouldn’t… or It’s not fair, you are arguing with reality.
    • Think about what is possible vs. what is probable.
    • Notice if you are responding to our current situation by doing all you can do, or if you are reacting from fear.
    • Reactions are lower brain guided actions.
    • Responses are higher brain actions.
    • Your beliefs and your identity will determine how you get through this crisis.
    • How can I plan my time and my goals in this new life schedule?
    • How can I recognize my lower brain thoughts? They sound real.
    • My lower brain is working full time right now!
    • I’ve made so many good changes but no weight loss yet.
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